Welcome global Axcels! Want to get to know more about 5-member Japanese boyband, MADKID? Letters @ AXCEL STYLE is mainly a home for all of the English translations of the members’ weekly blog entries on LINE Blog, archived all the way back to the very first post.

There will occasionally be translations from interviews, magazines, song lyrics, etc. Wherever you are in the world, whether you’re an old or new fan, hopefully, this page will help you guys feel a little closer to MADKID, and spread the love around the world!

Thank you always for all of your love and support!

Why “Letters”?

For the longest time, we wanted to have the existing English translations of the MADKID members’ blog entries to have its own home, so that all global Axcels and those curious about MADKID will have easy access to them without having to do any other extra steps. Currently, they are located on J-Pop Amino, which is also accessible through the web. The only thing here is that if you were to respond to the blog entries, 1 you would have to download the Amino app for your smartphone or tablet. Even then, not everyone is able to download apps for a few reasons 2. Therefore, we decided to open Letters in website format, so that everyone can finally have access, leave their thoughts, and who knows, maybe one or a few of the members may stop by and visit. 3

We came up with letters rather than blog or journal, because we don’t want to limit the translations to just blog entries. There are also translations of articles and interviews about MADKID from major news sources such as Billboard Japan, and of course, song lyrics from their past releases. The words from their blog entries, the interviews come from their words, and the lyrics were all written and produced by the boys themselves gave us the idea that it’s like writing letters to their fans. So, we came up with this subsite with the name Letters instead.

I’m new to MADKID and I want to get to know the members!

For the basics (as well as their little quirks), you can check out AXCEL STYLE’s SLYKY Guide.

If you want to learn more about the members not mentioned in the SLYKY Guide, such as You-ta’s favorite movie, Shin’s favorite bubble tea flavor, Lin’s favorite anime/manga series, Kazuki’s favorite Disney character, or Yuki’s phone number favorite rapper, Letters will be your stop… 4

So, what’s with the fancy fonts?

In their original LINE blog, each member also uses their own fonts to write their blog entries. We want to follow the similar routine as the members do. The fonts chosen are based on a few factors, such as the members’ personal handwriting, as well as the members’ own individual personalities:

Good evening. This is SHIN, who is in charge of Mondays.

What’s up? It’s Tuesday! This is LIN.

Yaaaaa~ It’s YOU-TA, who’s in charge of Wednesdays!

This is KAZUKI, and I forgot that the name of today is Thursday, even though I write my blog entries on Thursdays.

Good morn-eve-noon! It’s YUKI, in charge of TGIF.

The rest of the site will have this font as the default. Because the theme over here is “letters,” we decided to have the entire site theme simulating a notebook and a pen/pencil. What do you think?

Who are the people behind Letters @ AXCEL STYLE?

We’re Karu-chan and Adrianne. We’re two of the growing number of global Axcels who have been following MADKID for quite some time. We’re not just members of the global Axcel community, we’re also friends both online and in real life. We’re both located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Karu-chan has been following MADKID since their early beginnings as a group and has been spreading the word about MADKID to the world for a few years now. She is responsible for all of the English translations of the members’ blog entries, as well as a number of articles and interviews. Slowly, she’s also beginning to attempt to translate song lyrics. She will be publishing most of the content for Letters. The king 👑 5 is her oshimen/bias, but also equally supports all members together.

Adrianne is one of the newer global Axcels who officially became a MADKID enthusiast back on April Fool’s Day 2018. She may be new to MADKID but is not new to J-Pop. In the past, she has run various fansites and fan communities of past J-Pop groups and artists she used to follow loyally and began to build a comprehensive English language fansite for MADKID, starting with the home site, AXCEL STYLE. She provides the backend development and maintenance for Letters and will occasionally post a few blog entries here and there when needed. The prince 🌹 6 is her oshimen/bias, but also equally supports all members altogether.

Besides MADKID, we also run our own personal(-ish) blogs as well. You can visit us if you like:

A few notes...

  1. Not exactly direct to the members themselves, you’d have to download LINE Blog app for you to that, and that’s even in Japanese…
  2. technical issues would be the #1 reason why…
  3. Some of the MADKID members are familiar with AXCEL STYLE, so who knows… 😏 But don’t expect any one of them to comment here if they do visit.
  4. … or you can contact Karu-chan if it’s not in the SLYKY guide.
  5. Kazuki
  6. Shin