Letters @ AXCEL STYLE Commenting Policy

In a nutshell, this site’s commenting policy is very much similar to AXCEL STYLE’s policy. This version is slightly modified for this particular subsite.

So, in short, don’t be a BRAKE!

Letters @ AXCEL STYLE exists now because our boys of MADKID deserve to have their voices heard, not through singing or rapping or through music in general, but as in literally their own voices. The site’s mother domain, AXCEL STYLE, provides news, updates, and guides directly to all global Axcels coming from a fellow Axcel. Letters @ AXCEL STYLE serve as a portal directly to all global Axcels coming from the MADKID members themselves.

Without further ado, please read and be aware of the policy below. Thank you.

  • The #1 RULE of the entire AXCEL STYLE Network commenting: DON’T BE A BRAKE! 1 If you don’t know what a brake is, other than what it really means, then you can take a guess.
  • Be respectful to one another, as well as the author(s) of the blog post. It’s a good thing to share thoughts and opinions, but please, don’t cause any sort of fan wars, hating on everything, or any form of trolling. Keep in mind that, unlike the posts at AXCEL STYLE, which was written by a fan, the posts here are written by the members and published by official Japanese magazine sites such as Billboard Japan, translated into English. So in other words, everything here at Letters @ AXCEL STYLE were not original work by the author/translator. 2
  • All “advertising” links on comments will be deleted unless if they’re related to MADKID, J-Pop, or Asian Pop in general. Keep in mind that the comments are for discussions within this site or MADKID, not for promoting yourself or anything else unrelated.
  • First-time commenters will be moderated. Don’t be alarmed when your comment isn’t posted right away. They will be moderated first.
  • Please stay on topic. Sometimes a discussion can stray off topic, and if it’s still somewhat related to the subject, it’s fine. However, if it’s something else that’s completely off-topic, whether if it’s unrelated to the post, the site, or MADKID, they will be deleted without question.

And again, just in general, don’t be a BRAKE.

A few notes...

  1. “network” meaning all the other sites hosted and joint with the main domain, like this one, for example.
  2. … unless noted.