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Disclaimers & Terms of Use


  • Letters @ AXCEL STYLE (as well as AXCEL STYLE) is not affiliated with MADKID, SLOW JAM PRODUCTION, or Nippon Columbia.
  • Photos courtesy of MADKID’s blog accounts on both Ameba and LINE BlogMADKID Official Twitter, Instagram, and individual member Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Outside links mentioned on the entries are sources of the original Japanese entries, articles, and lyrics. They can also be found in the About section.

Terms of Use

  • You’re free to use any of the translations. You can use the translator who translated the piece or Letters @ AXCEL STYLE as the source, but not necessary. 1
  • Images used are also sourced from all of MADKID official blog accounts, social media accounts, and sites. The only ones you would need to provide credit for are livestream screenshots and some other screenshots with watermarks on them.
  • Everything else you see here is modified and built by hand and tools by the web dev (Adrianne) and content created by Karu-chan.

A few notes...

  1. But we do appreciate it if you refer this site as a source…