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Tutorial for Karu-chan (Editor Access)

Editor Level Tutorial

For users with editor level, the Dashboard looks like this:

Those with admin level, the Dashboard looks like this: 😭

Okay, proceeding. So, to make this Editor Dashboard guide easier, here’s a very handy guide:

In this tutorial, you will only see the following sections:

  • Jetpack (optional)
  • Posts (how to edit existing posts and add new posts, etc.)
  • Media (how to add images, edit and delete existing images)
  • Pages (they’re the same as Posts, except they’re not posts)


In the admin level, there’s a lot of options, but I’ve already taken care of that. For editor level users, you are given the option to connect this site to your account. For example, if you connect this site to your ongakudiscover account, all you need to do is go to, log in with your ongakudiscover login, and go to My Sites, then choose Letters @ AXCEL STYLE. From there, you can just post or edit your posts, add images, etc., like normal, and everything will be published to this site.

But again, this is an option. You can still log on using your letters login here at


The Categories and Tags sections, I’ve already taken care of that, so you can ignore those.

All Posts (posts archive list)

All of your existing posts will be here. You can edit, change post dates, or even delete them. When you do edit them, the screen looks like this:

Here’s the bottom half…

Just click on the images to see the larger version. That should be it. The Themify Custom Panel tutorials will be on later (if you want to get fancy w/ your posts by adding a “writer’s notes in colored boxes”, a slide gallery of images, etc.

Add New

When you make a new post, it’s pretty much the same as when you edit existing posts. That includes all the stuff you see at the bottom half above.

(don’t forget to press the KITCHEN SINK button!)

Adding footnotes/sidenotes to one of your sentences

Say for example, you purposely left a Japanese word untranslated because you couldn’t find the right exact translation and you decide to have a “translator’s note” in explaining what it means. You can put that in a footnote/sidenote. The way you add a footnote/sidenote to a sentence is below:

As the screenshot says, just type in the “note” tags next to the end of your sentence. When you preview your post, it will look like this:


This is pretty much your image control panel. You can add audio and video files here too, but I don’t suggest it. It’s better if we just embed from social media like YouTube or IG or Twitter.

You can add images on the Posts too if you prefer. It’s faster if you select multiple images instead of one at a time.


This is only if you want to add a new section of the site (About, Contact, Exits, etc.), though I don’t think you need it. I didn’t take any screenshots of the Pages section because it looks exactly the same as the Posts section, except it only says Pages on it.

…. and that’s it! I’ll add the Themify Options Panel tutorial at another time when needed. Lemme know if you have any questions!